Here Are 5 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Land:

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1) Vacant Land Investors Have Nearly Zero Competition.

Getting out bid all the time? Only getting the investments your “okay” with but never scoring that amazing investment? When your looking for land alone there is almost no competition. The typical stereotype of a “real estate investor” (the HGTV version, as I like to call it) spends most of their time looking at houses, condos, business buildings, and at foreclosing auctions. The awesome part of working with raw land is the fact that no one else is paying attention to the rising land prices all over this country, allowing someone like you invest at a cheaper rate and let the investment brew until they absolutely need your investment to grow.

2) Land Investors Call Their Own Shots.

So you do not have a ton of of money to spend? No problem! One of the perks of working with vacant land is that you can choose to work with the money you currently have. This means you never have to borrow money from the banks if you do not want to and you do not have to empty your savings either. Any cash that you have in hand can help you make more money for your family and your retirement. 

3) Vacant Land Owners are Generally Highly Motivated to Sell.

Vacant land owners are usually absentee owners, meaning they don’t live on the land so they do not have any connections (emotional or physical) to the land. Selling land they own, but do not live on, negates a lot of the situations where the seller has an emotional connection to the land, which might make them motivated to sell the land. In fact, you will find that these land owners will sometimes sell their land for pennies on the dollar, especially if they are trying to liquidate the investment quickly. They don’t know the easiest way to optimize their income utilizing the different parts of the land, such as renting it out to companies or utilizing seller financing to create a passive income.

4) Add Seller Financing and Watch Your Income Potential increase Astronomically.

Have you ever heard the term “passive income” or “multiple streams of income”? Well this investment option is your golden ticket to both of these. Banks typically hesitate when they learn that loans are being used for the purchase of raw land. That opens a huge door for land owners to create a passive income by financing their land and selling it off a chunk at a time. They are even able to charge higher than market interest rates! The land acts as a rental property but you do not have to worry about fixing any of the appliances, the roof or the leaky sink. Talk about a no-brainer! 

 5)Land is Very Inexpensive to Own as a Long-Term Investment.

NO UTILITIES, NO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, NO RENTERS INSURANCE, need I say more? With vacant land, all you would need to do is pay for the land itself, property taxes and possibly property insurance. You will then be able to increase your cash flow from accrued interest, proving that your vacant land purchase was a wise investment!