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Set Foot On Your Land.

At Vacant Land Syndicate, we take pride in procuring high-caliber, raw land for incredible value. Whether you’re interested in long-term investing, wholesaling for profit, building a cabin or vacation home,
or simply getting off the grid, we offer solutions to set foot on.

When it comes to wholesaling or land syndication, we believe in getting a bargain every time for our clients. Each property sold by Vacant Land Syndicate is priced at least 50% below market value, ensuring instant equity. 

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All of our properties come with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction Guarantee.


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A nurse owned and operated family company, Vacant Land Syndicate has over forty years of dedication and experience in the customer service industry. Caring for struggling and ill patients and families over several decades has taught us that dignity, respect, and trust matter above all else. Our goal in business is to model what we have learned from our patients: time and attention are precious gifts to be valued through active listening and thoughtful action.

We aim to make every transaction painless and outstanding. Thank you for your business!

Merritt, Rei, and Kota Whitman

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FAQ / Gallery / Listings

How can you sell land this cheaply?

We research tens of thousands of properties each month and hand select only the best deals with the most motivated sellers. Our aim is to find properties that we can sell at below wholesale pricing, leaving instant equity to our end buyers.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your investment within the first 30 days after closing we will refund you the purchase price. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase!

Do you offer Title Insurance policies/Escrow closing?

On higher valuation properties we may offer title insurance but in many situations it doesn’t make financial sense as the costs may eat up a significant percentage of the property’s equity. Our goal is to provide land to the public at an exceptional value normally only available to other wholesalers. As direct sellers, we eliminate realtor and other unnecessary escrow fees, passing the savings on to our customers. We recommend reading the following eye-opening article from Forbes regarding the exorbitant costs of title insurance: Of course, if you feel most comfortable purchasing title insurance we’ll work with you.

Will you show the property to me?

We are not Real Estate agents trying to justify commissions and therefore don’t tour the properties we sell. You are more than welcome to download GPS coordinates to a free phone app and go and check out the property yourself. Just check with us first to make sure the property hasn’t been sold already!

Do the properties have any back taxes owed or liens on them?

No. Unless otherwise stated, all properties we sell are free and clear and current with taxes paid.

May I put a trailer, yurt, RV, or house on the land?

Check with the local county zoning ordinances as part of your due diligence to see if they’ll allow for your plan.

Can I set up a payment plan/buy the property on terms?

No. We believe buying a property using financing often times isn't in the best interest of the buyer. There are however newer & cheaper alternatives to costly and risky land contracts which we can speak with you about.

Does the property have water or utility hook-ups?

Assume no unless otherwise advertised. There are potential work arounds for these issues worthy of investigation such as solar/wind power, well drilling or water delivery, etc.

Are mineral rights included with the property?

Assume no unless otherwise stated. Investigating mineral rights is often a time-consuming, complex, and costly process. Unless you’re planning on starting your own mining business we’re not sure how this would become an issue.

Do I need to hire an attorney or real estate agent to close this land deal?

We don’t think so. We’ve simplified the process to buy land and created straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. If you feel more comfortable spending extra money to hire a professional, we’ll definitely work with you.

How does the sale process work?

For cash purchases, you will instruct us how you want the deed titled and what address we should mail it to. Once the full purchase payment clears, Vacant Land Syndicate will prepare and notarize the deed to officially transfer ownership. You will then receive a deed package via certified mail. Instructions will be included on how to record the deed with the county so they will know who now owns the property and where a tax bill should be sent. For a small fee we can take care of mailing the deed into the county and getting it recorded for you.