3 Hands Off Options to Make Money By Leasing Land

3 Hands Off Options to Make Money By Leasing Land.jpeg


Leasing land to a farmer can be a very safe way to keep your land investment. A farm is a large plot of land, with large amounts of acreage. Farms are where crops are grown and cultivated. For example, fiber farms are where raw material such as silk, cotton, wool, and hemp are produced and picked.


Another great way to keep your investment safe while still making a profit is by leasing it out to ranchers. Ranchers are always looking for large plots of land where they can create their businesses. Generally, in these cases, the most common “product” on a ranch is animals and livestock. On a ranch, you can usually find a primary residence, more than one barn, other structures needed for cultivation and maintaining animals, an agriculture section and another part dedicated only to livestock.


You can also lease your land to a hunter or a hunting club. Allowing your land to remain mostly untouched will keep its natural resources plentiful and attractive for this purpose. Renting your land will cover your annual property taxes and generally produce a considerable amount of profit. Hunt leasing to individuals is an optimal strategy if you plan on holding then selling, as you have the opportunity to make a generous amount of profit to cover land expenses while you wait for the opportune moment to sell your land.