3 Reasons Why Vacant land Is A Good Investment


 “Hands-Off” Investment
Don’t worry about dealing with tenants, leaky sinks, toilets, mold, pet issues, bursting pipes, broken a/c, and any of the other late night “it’s broken again” issues.  After your purchase, the land will just sit there, and nothing happens to it unless you say so. You can create an income with your property, in which case you won’t have any maintenance upkeep and it will become a reliable rainy day fund.
With vacant land, you don’t need to “do” anything to the property.
You have the option to not touch your land at all or to make it into something beautiful; what you do with it doesn’t matter. Land will always appreciate in price over time due to population increasing and the fact that companies needing large open spaces are moving into more rural areas. The simplest thing an investor can do with their vacant land is turn it into a nature sanctuary. In which case you won’t have to “do” anything! Just allow mother nature to run her course and your lot will return to its natural state.
They aren't making anymore of it.
You can’t build large quantities of land quickly, so when progress is halted due to a lack of land, people who purchased the land in the path of growth have an awesome opportunity to make money by renting properties or by selling properties.