Vacant Land

Why Invest in Raw or Vacant land?


A traditional investment portfolio might consist of stocks, bonds, precious metals, currency, or even a new form of electronic currency. But recently investors have been turning away from more “conventional” investment options and have been turning to vacant land. Friends and family ask me all the time, “Why should I invest in vacant land?” My answer is always the same simple answer, "Money!"

For hundreds of years, Land has been a priceless commodity. We need land to grow, but we never seem to have enough of it. That is why in little to no effort at all to assure a great return on investment (ROI).  The essential factor dependent on the amount of your ROI is the path of growth.

To get the best results when investing in vacant land, research the surrounding areas. Figure out the demographics, the future development plans, population, local attractions and landmarks associated with the area your planning to purchase. Purchasing a piece of land in an area where the population is prospering and growing will be your best way to solidify your investment. The value of land can slowly appreciate, similar to watching paint dry, or it can skyrocket instantaneously overnight.

It does not require a seasoned investor to understand how to make a vacant land investment. It just requires a patient and research-driven investor.

5 Reasons Why Vacant Land Is A Good Investment

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 With vacant land, you don’t need to “do” anything to the property.

You have the option to not touch your land at all or to make it into something beautiful, what you do with it doesn’t matter. Land will always appreciate in price over time due to the population increase and the fact that companies needing large open spaces are being moved into more rural areas. The simplest thing an investor can do to their vacant land is turn it into a nature sanctuary. In which case you won’t have to “do” anything! Just allow mother nature to run her course and your lot will return to its natural state.

 “Hands-Off” Investment

Don’t worry about dealing with tenants, leaky sinks, toilets, mold, pet issues, bursting pipes, broken a/c, and any of the other late night “it’s broken again” issues.  After your purchase, the land will just sit there, and nothing happens to it unless you say so. You can create an income with your property, in which case you won’t have any maintenance upkeep and it will become a reliable rainy day fund.


You can create income with vacant land.

If you choose to go this route you will have the opportunity to rent or lease all or part of of your land to larger companies. Depending on the location and type of land, it might be ideal for wind and solar energy. Wind energy is a clean, renewable, and lucrative new form of energy. The use of which is only expected to increase in the coming years. In almost all of these cases a large piece of land is simply leased out by a power company. They will then place a wind turbine on the land, maintain the land around the turbine, and filter out power to all the surrounding areas. Solar energy companies are also looking for land to harness the power of the sun. Solar energy can be used to power everything from a city to a house. You can harness it yourself by purchasing solar panels and all the other equipment or you can also lease the land to a larger solar company and reap the benefits of having them take care of your land. But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leasing land for profit.  This isn’t even considering all the farmers, ranchers, timber companies! Thousands of companies need land to harness natural resources and are more than happy to pay for it.

Land is very inexpensive to own as a long-term investment.

More money than mutual funds, more stable than stocks, less inconvenient than income properties, why wouldn’t you want land? It is a cheap ,easy way to invest money into an asset that can be held over time or liquidated at the drop of a hat. Holding the right property for the long-term can make a lot more sense than any other retirement plan created.


They aren't making anymore of it.

You can’t build large quantities of land quickly, so when progress is halted due to lack of land, people who purchased the land in the path of growth have an awesome opportunity to make money by renting properties or by selling properties.