3 Things you need to know about Ranchettes


Ranchettes are not considered ranches.

    Ranches are extremely large plots of land - they can be well over a couple thousand acres - where the most common “product” on a ranch is animals and livestock. On a ranch, you can usually find the main residence, more than one barn, other structures needed for cultivation and maintaining animals, an agriculture section and another part dedicated only to livestock.

Ranchettes are not farms.

    A farm is much like a ranch in that it is generally a large plot of land. But a farm has a focus on everything agriculture-related, where crops are grown and cultivated, rather than animal and livestock-related. Farmers also have what's called fiber farms. Fiber Farms are where raw material such as silk, cotton, wool or hemp is grown and picked. The word “farm” itself can mean any plot of land that is dedicated to a specific crop, raw material or product.

Ranchettes are a hybrid between a ranch, farm, and house.

    A Ranchette is not as large as a farm or a ranch usually maxing out at 40-50 acres. Usually placed on the outskirts of a city where its far enough away to create a country living lifestyle, with the convenience of a large city nearby. These plots usually contain one house, a small garden, one to two barns and a small cluster of livestock or animals. These animals could be everything from a couple heads of cattle, chickens, goats, or maybe even a Llama or two. It’s the easiest way to have a quiet home life without living in the “sticks”.